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2Street Photography Tokyo with my X100F

Street Photography Tokyo with my Fujifilm X100F: What an absolutely cathartic experience.
As you know, I have been using the GFX 50R since around June and as wonderful as that camera is, the GFX range will never be “small”.
I’ve missed using my beloved X100F and so, whilst on a business trip to Japan last week, I decided to only take my X100F.
Shooting with such a small, light and discreet camera in a place as alive as Tokyo is such a pleasure for me.
Not having to worry about gear, lenses, and choices.
23mm (35mm full frame equivalent) is the focal length I seem to shoot a vast majority of my work with.
I absolutely loved the freedom of shooting with it once again.

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3Student photographers confront societal issues

In November, students on the Photojournalism and Documentary Photography MA course at the London College of Communication presented their projects to the public at an exhibition in London.
The Elephants in the Room exhibition saw students address societal issues from around the world, from post-colonialism to mental health, ageing, inequality and migration.
Using photographs, film and text, the students presented a visual exploration of their chosen subject.

Student Project

4Sometimes being a human does take over

McKay travelled to Bangladesh, at the border with Myanmar, in November last year on the first foreign assignment of her career shortly after joining Reuters as a staff photographer last year.
McKay and several Reuters colleagues were praised by Pulitzer judges earlier this year for their “shocking photographs that exposed the world to the violence Rohingya refugees faced in fleeing Myanmar”.
But at times McKay found the situation “overwhelming” and said it took skill to know when to take pictures and when to put the camera down and help, she revealed to Press Gazette.
“In Bangladesh there were a lot of situations where you want to physically help people, but it’s not possible to help 5,000 people so it’s about recognising when you taking pictures is helping someone and when you putting your camera down is helping someone,” she said.

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5Hard TRUTHS about travel and photography of people

Traveling and photographing people from different cultures isn’t always a dream experience. Even if that’s how most photographers talk about it on Youtube or wherever else. It’s especially hard if you’re an independent photographer. You have to figure out everything on your own most of the time.


6Cuppas to carnivals: Britain’s best street photography – in pictures

The shortlist for Britain’s biggest outdoor exhibition of street photography – Clear Channel’s MyTown – has been announced

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