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2Traveling Photographer Captures the Beautiful Unspoiled Landscape of Kyrgyzstan

As a skilled landscape photographer, Albert Dros has seen a lot of stunning landscapes, but nothing prepared him for the beauty he would find during a 3-week trip to Kyrgyzstan. The landlocked Central Asian country, located along the ancient Silk Road, has an incredible variety to its landscape. While the mountainous region to Tian Shan covers 80% of the country, Kyrgyzstan is also filled with impressive valleys and basins, as well as a clear sky untouched by light pollution.


3The Day the Soviets Arrived to Crush the Prague Spring, in Rarely Seen Photos

On August 20th and 21st, 1968, fifty years ago this week, hundreds of thousands of Soviet and allied Warsaw Pact troops poured over the Czechoslovak border from surrounding countries in a massive show of force that quickly deposed the government of Alexander Dubček. As the first secretary of the Central Committee of the Czech Communist Party, Dubček had presided over a short-lived experiment in Communist liberalization known as the Prague Spring. Dubček had rehabilitated political opponents, abolished restrictions on travel, erased press censorship, and encouraged freedom of expression; he later remembered being inspired by the French Revolution’s calls for “Liberté, Égalité, and Fraternité.”


4Inside North Korea: Shooting in a Forbidden Land

North Korea has long been one of the most isolated — and secretive — nations in the world. Yet, ironically, it remains at the forefront of international headlines, whether it’s speculation over the country’s nuclear capabilities or play-by-plays of leader Kim Jong-un’s summit with President Trump. This amalgam of elements — an air of mystery combined with a visible standing on the global stage — make North Korea a subject of infinite interest. And while access is highly restricted, Western photographers are, from time to time, allowed within its borders. Earlier this month, Getty Images photographer Carl Court was granted this much-sought-after (and hard to get) access, spending a week in the Communist state documenting people at work and at play.

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5Giving a Voice to the Voiceless: A Critical Look at Street Photography

It is imperative for any street photographer to have sound knowledge of the streets they work within.
Knowing the back roads, the old towns, and the highly populated areas like the back of your hand all contributes to potentially obtaining the maximum artistic quality in your images. Of course it takes time to develop such awareness, something that can only come from an insane amount of walk time. In light of your hard work you may become somewhat of a human encyclopedia, filled with the all the answers to any questions one may have about the street you practice your craft in. But even then, after years of collecting such information, do you really know those beautiful streets as well as you say you do?


6New York Before Cellphones : The Exclusive Story of Mason Resnick’s Photographic Rediscovery.

Ever been curious about that weird feeling you get when you hear a specific piece of music from your past, or view a particular photograph that transports you back in time? Personal history confronts poignant reminders of experience, and produces a snapshot of who we once were, and how we once lived our lives (individually and collectively).
If music is the soundtrack to life, photographs are the visual references of existence.
Street photographer Mason Resnick reversed time when he found some long forgotten work hidden in the dusty hinterlands of his workspace.
“During a transitional period, I did a massive clean out of my office and I found a couple of boxes,” Mason explained. “Opened them up and ‘OH MY GOD’ there they are.
“It was all of my negatives that I have ever shot, thousands and thousand of negatives, and right on top was an unceremoniously labelled ‘MW’… 76, which I immediately knew meant master workshop 1976 . I realised, I should take another look at these.”

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